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Title Year of Production Director Genre
Red Cliff 2 2009 John Woo War
The Message 2009 Kuo-fu Chen, Qunshu Gao War
The Children of Huang Shi 2008 Roger Spottiswoode War
Red Cliff 2008 John Woo War
Red Cliff 2008 John Woo War
Red Cliff 2008 John Woo War
Assembly 2007 Xiaogang Feng War
Assembly 2007 Xiaogang Feng War
Purple Sunset 2001 Xiaoning Feng War
Devils On The Doorstep 2000 Wen Jiang War
Iron Sister 1999 Choi Kwok Fai War
Red Cherry 1995 Daying Ye War
A Home Too Far II 1993 Yen-ping Chu War
A Home Too Far 1990 Yen-ping Chu War
Red Sorghum 1987 Yimou Zhang War
The Naval Commandos 1977 Cheh Chang, Weibin Liu War