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Title Year of Production Director Genre
Hot Summer Days 2010 Tony Chan Wing Shya Romance
Hot Summer Days 2010 Tony Chan Wing Shya Romance
One Day 2010 Hou Chi-jan Romance
Sophie's Revenge 2009 Jin Yimeng Romance
Mulan 2009 Jingle Ma, Wei Dong Romance
Happily Ever After 2009 Wai Chiu Chung, Ivy Kong Romance
If you are the one 2008 Xiaogang Feng Romance
My So-called Love 2008 Leading Li Romance
The Marriage of Tuya 2006 Quanan Wang Romance
The Chinese Botanist's Daughters 2006 Sijie Dai Romance
Still Life 2006 Zhang Ke Jia Romance
Be With Me 2005 Eric Khoo Romance
About Love 2005 Ten Shimoyama, Chih-yen Yee Romance
Blue Cha Cha 2005 Wen-Tang Cheng Romance
The Shoe Fairy 2005 Yun Chan Lee Romance
Sausalito 2000 Wai-keung Lau Romance
In the Mood for Love 2000 Kar Wai Wong Romance
And I Hate You So 2000 Chung Man Yee Romance
True Love 2000 Ivan Lai Romance
A Fighters Blues 2000 Daniel Lee Romance
Loving Girl 1999 Yi Hung Lam Romance
The Fruit is Ripe 3 1999 Man Kei Chin Romance
Anna Magdalena 1998 Chung Man Yee Romance
Happy Together 1997 Kar Wai Wong Romance
Comrades, Almost a Love Story 1996 Peter Chan Romance