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The warlord and the actress

Movie Title: 
The warlord and the actress

The warlord and the actress

Year of Production: 
Meng Hua Ho
Internet Movie Database:
Video Information: 
LANGUAGE: Mandarin | SUBTITLE: English | DVD-RiP | avi | 94:39 min | 750 mb Director: Hsu Tseng Hung | Cast: Julie Yeh Feng, Landi Chang, Chin Han, Cheng Miu, Hao Li-Jen | Original Title: Xie Jian Mu Dan Hong Production Country: Hong Kong 1964
Movie Description: 
Even fans of the great director Chang Cheh may not know that he was also the Shaw Studio's chief scriptwriter from 1962 to 1967. Here he penned a Golden Horse Award-winning romantic adventure set in the early days of the Chinese Republic, when the North was overrun by a despot who collaborates with the Japanese. There, the cabaret singer known as Red Peony loves a patriotic college student, but the tyrant lusts after her. This classic triangle sets the stage for torment, deception, action, intrigue, sacrifice, tragedy, and triumph.