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Jade Tiger

Movie Title: 
Jade Tiger

Jade Tiger

Year of Production: 
Yuen Chor
Internet Movie Database:
Video Information: 
Jade Tiger – Chu Yuan (1977) Mandarin | Subtitle: English | 1:40:04 | 608 x 256 NTSC | DiVX | MP3 – 115 kbps | 700 MB Genre: Action
Movie Description: 
The master of Dafeng Hall is beheaded by a traitor on the eve of his son’s marriage. Thus begins an epic and tragic tale of suspense and subterfuge as members of the Zhao Clan hatch an elaborate plot to bring down the evil Tang Clan from within. Spies, counter-spies, double-crosses, and misunderstandings make up one of the most convoluted swordplay plots in history. Chor Yuen’s Jade Tiger is essentially the Hatfield’s versus the McCoy’s as two sword clans with a 100-year old grudge plot each other’s destruction and everyone suffers as a result. Many colorful characters, memorable weapons, elaborate sets, and a jazzy soundtrack make this tragic actioner an entertaining and epic one. Stuck in the middle of this fight is Zhao Wuji (Ti Lung) who discovers his father’s headless corpse on the eve of his own wedding. A turncoat named Shangguan Ren (Guk Fung) is the culprit after accepting a bribe by the Tang Clan to assassinate the head of Dafeng Hall. Wuji goes looking for revenge but soon becomes the victim of the Tang’s infamous mastery of poison after taking on a blind Tang fighter with explosive eyeballs. He escapes after meeting a neutral party of former swordsmen all living under the leadership of the ‘Chief of the Hate-free Hall,’ otherwise known as ‘The Unique Man on the Carriage.’ An odd character named ‘Zombie’ who lives in a coffin sends Wuji to a brother and sister who heal his wounds. The Tang leader’s son attempts to fool Wuji in an elaborate plot, but it backfires and Wuji unmasks a Tang spy and counters by infiltrating the Tang base by posing as a swordsman from another village. Confusion mounts as Wuji courts a Tang woman, his fellow clan members believe him to have defected to the enemy, and one of Wuji’s former enemies becomes an ally. As Tang’s leader attempts to discover the truth, a carefully planned assault of the Tang’s poison making factory and base of operations by members of Dafeng Hall erupts with Wuji fighting to save his friends on both sides.