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The Go Master

Movie Title: 
The Go Master

The Go Master

Year of Production: 
Zhuangzhuang Tian
Internet Movie Database:
Video Information: 
Director: Zhuangzhuang Tian | Writer: Cheng Ah, based on a novel by japanese author Yasunari Kawabata (Nobel) | Cast: Chen Chang, Sylvia Chang, Akira Emoto, Aki Fujî, Mansaku Fuwa, Yi Huang, Takayuki Inoue, Ayumi Ito, Yoichiro Ito, Xuejian Li, Kaho Minami | Genre: Drama | Format: DvdRip, Color, NTSC | Languages: Japanese, Mandarin | Run Time: 104 min. | Countries: Japan / China | Year: 2006 | Producers: Century Hero Film Investment Co Ltd.
Movie Description: 
The Go Master is a 2006 biopic by director Tian Zhuangzhuang of renowned twentieth century Go master Wu Qingyuan, better known by his adopted name of Go Seigen. The film, which premiered at the 44th New York Film Festival, focuses on the life of this extraordinary player from his meteoric rise as a child prodigy to fame and fortune as a revolutionary strategic thinker, as well as the tumultous global conflicts between his homeland and his adopted nation. The film also features a scene involving the Atomic bomb go game. The film also screened at the AFI's China Film Festival in Silver Spring, Maryland. The film chronicles Qingyuan's discovery as a child prodigy in China, his move to Japan and rise as a champion. Later, he marries the leader of a cult and finds himself being exploited by the group. When relations between Japan and China deteriorate into open war, Qingyuan stays in his adopted nation. Now in his 90s, he lives there to this day, teaching and writing about Go.