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Empire of Silver

Movie Title: 
Empire of Silver

Empire of Silver

Year of Production: 
Christina Yao
Internet Movie Database:
Video Information: 
LANGUAGE: Mandarin| SUBTITLE: English (hard coded) | DVD-RiP | avi | 113 min | 750 mb Director: Christina Yao | Cast: Aaron Kwok, Zhang Tielin, Lei Hao, Jennifer Tilly, Cheng Ding Zhi | Original Title: Baiyin diguo Production Country: Hong Kong/China/Taiwan 2009
Movie Description: 
China, 1899. A hedonistic young man must assume the role of heir to a banking empire he cares little about. Following the tragic kidnapping of his brother’s wife, "Third Master" reluctantly submits to pressure from his overbearing father. Powerful bank-owner Lord Kang is determined to prepare Third Master for financial leadership by molding his son into his own image. The ruthless businessman tries to convince his son to choose a proven unscrupulous bank manager over a more honest one. But the idealistic Third Master has always questioned his father's autocratic rule and ethics. the tense relationship is further complicated by Third Masters undying love for his beautiful young stepmother, his first and only love stolen from him by his own father. Embarking on a metaphysical journey, Third Master must decide whether to follow his father's path or find his own. Greed, deception and jealousy surface under the pressures of war and the impending change from silver to paper bills... Year 1899, China is under the control of Qing Dynasty with their financial capital located in Shanxi. The Kang family is part of the national banking empire which is also known as Chinas Wall Street. Lord Kang (Zhang Tie Lin) is looking for a suitable heir for the family banking business and he decides to groom his third son, Third Master (Aaron Kwok) as his other brothers are involved in accidents. Third Master is reluctant at first but succumbed to his father’s stern and autocratic actions. As his age is slowly catching up and he wants the next generation to continue the family-run banking business, Lord Kang is determined to turn his son into a ruthless businessman just like himself. However, his son has always called into question his father's style of leadership and uncharitable business principles. The tense and conflicting relationship between father and son worsen further when Third Master expresses his love for his lover (Hao Lei), who is also his step-mother. She is the first and only love of his life. It all began when she was his English teacher but it was his stern father she ended up marrying. Now Third Master must decide to follow his father’s way or his own way in life...