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There are many people out there who like and appreciate Chinese culture; Chinese cinema has produced some of world-renowned masterpieces such as "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", "Raise the Red Lantern"...

Chinese movies can be downloaded from hundreds of web sites, most of them being in China (not to mention file sharing services like torrents, e-mule etc). This web site has compiled information on some of those movies that have been shared on the Internet. Why was needed if one can already download those movies elsewhere?

The answer to this question is simple: Many if not most of the web site that provide download links also pose a serious threat to your computer because they either have viruses embedded in their web pages or they link to other, malicious web sites. is 100% harmless to your computer, you won't find unwanted popups or hidden code in the pages on this web site! Yes, we will put a few adds here and there but nothing obtrusive or annoying.

About privacy and copyrights

Now we come to a very sensitive topic: copyrights. All those movies featured on this web site are copyrighted material, no one can dispute that. What incentive would authors have to make art if their work was always shared for free? Well, it appears digital media is a bit different than other art forms; if you go to the museum and make a copy of one of Picasso's paintings and hang it on the wall in your house you may amuse some of your friends or relatives but chances are no one will accuse you of infringing on copyright laws. If you however download a movie, in most countries you will be breaching the law. Probably that's because the copy and the original material can be practically identical.

Our intention is not to write an essay on philosophy of copyright legislation; let's just say this: certain people will buy movies no matter what, other people will download them for free no matter what.

We want to stress this, though: none of the material published on this web site was uploaded or hosted by! Content of this web site is a copy of posts on other web sites elsewhere on the Internet and you are free to copy this content and do with it anything you want (copyright notice on the front page was automatically created by Drupal, you can disregard it).

We do not advocate, promote or facilitate internet piracy; if you have an opportunity and means to purchase movies listed here please do so. If, however you live in a country where those movies are simply not available and/or your income does not make purchase of movies possible (and we all know those countries abound) then you may want to consider legal and moral consequences of internet file sharing before you download the files. Intentions behind this web site are not illegal or immoral.


If you happen to be someone who feels strongly about Internet copyrights and strongly object to what you find at this web site please consider contacting the "big guys" like rapidshare and megaupload first because without their service a very few people would come to a web site like this one. Or you can contact Google and inquire as to why they index and link to millions of web sites which provide content similar to what you see on this web site. Or you can close this window and go elsewhere - if you don't download any files you have absolutely nothing to worry about (what other people do should not really concern you much - you can simply understand that everyone is responsible for their own actions - file sharing is no exception).

If however you still want to contact us and express your opinion please use our contact form.

If you know about Chinese movies that in your opinion could be shared on this web site please send us movie information using the same contact form. Thanks!

October 20, 2009