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Title Year of Production Director Genre
Little Big Soldier 2010 Sheng Ding Adventure
Royal tattoo 2009 Feng Chao Adventure
Mulan 2009 Jingle Ma, Wei Dong Adventure
Mulan 2009 Jingle Ma, Wei Dong Adventure
Mulan 2009 Jingle Ma, Wei Dong Adventure
Hero 2002 Yimou Zhang Adventure
Hero Director's Cut 2002 Yimou Zhang Adventure
Pavilion of Women 2001 Ho Yim Adventure
The Con Man in Las Vegas 1999 Jing Wong Adventure
Chinese Torture Chamber Story 2 1998 Kin-Nam Cho Adventure
Once Upon a Time in China and America 1997 Sammo Hung Kam-Bo Adventure
A Chinese Legend 1991 Hung Chuen Lau Adventure
A Terra-Cotta Warrior 1990 Siu-Tung Ching Adventure
Magic braid 1986 Zien Zhang Adventure
Holy Flame of the Martial World 1983 Chin-Ku Lu Adventure
Odd Couple 1979 Chia Yung Liu Adventure
Jade Tiger 1977 Yuen Chor Adventure
Call to Arms 1973 Chiang Shen Adventure
The Fugitive 1972 Chang Tseng-Chai Adventure
The goddess of mercy 1967 Won-shik Lim, Sang-ok Shin Adventure
That Man in Chang-an 1967 Chun Yen Adventure
The warlord and the actress 1964 Meng Hua Ho Adventure